Sales training

Smart Sellers are built with the right Sales Training

Deliver high impact just-in-time learning that teaches, engages, and helps your sellers win
Do these sales training struggles sound a little too familiar?
My sales reps can’t effectively handle different customer scenarios

Most reps spend 3-11 hours weekly looking for answers about tools, processes, or information

Productivity remains the same even after sales training

55% of the people making their living in sales don’t have the right skills to be successful.

Completion rates for my sales training program are very low

70% of learning is forgotten after just 24 hours with generic training

Do it the Streamz Way
Did you know? Continuous training is said to result in 50% higher net sales per sales rep. Employ the Streamz framework to drive frontline performance.

Create microlearning content quickly with pre-built templates and build a learning culture


Broadcast new product updates, value messaging, battle cards, and more straight to your sales teams’ pockets


Gamify your learning and motivate your teams with points, badges, and personalized leaderboards


Leverage the power of AI to fill in knowledge gaps and ensure your reps never forget what they learn


Assess your reps on pre-defined KPIs to understand the impact of your sales training programs. Map key indicators to revenue.

Training Your Reps Just Can’t Forget

Deliver snackable content and regular assessments designed to expand, refresh, and reinforce specific skills and knowledge


Create bite-sized modules on selling skills, product updates, value messaging, battle cards, customer segments, FAQs, and competitive information

Contextual Search

Enable your sales teams to access the most relevant learning content at unprecedented speed

Automated Knowledge Checks

Streamz creates personalised, automated assessments based on the skills and knowledge levels of each salesperson

Personalised Learning Journeys

Create hyper-individualised learning journeys to mitigate knowledge gaps

Personalize Sales Training at Scale

Each individual learns differently. So why should training be the same? Scale relevant and personalized training programs for each sales rep.

Automated Learning Tasks

Deliver automated learning tasks to each salesperson based on predefined conditions - roles, context, cohorts

Content Recommendations

AI-led content recommendations based on skills gaps to ensure your reps are always up-to-date 

Notifications & Nudges

Smart nudges to your salespeople to ensure they're on track - complete a course, assessment or activity

Real-time Progress Records

Full visibility for your sales reps into how skill levels improve with each learning task completed

Roleplays & Video Pitches

Ensure your sales teams are prepared for any customer scenario

Schedule Pitches

Schedule video pitching activities for the sales reps that need it

Manager Feedback

Give feedback to your sales teams within seconds with Streamz AI-guided Manager Advisor

3rd Party Reviewers

Collaborate with 3rd party reviewers to provide expert evaluation

Remediation Workflows

Use AI-guided Manager Advisor to set up remediation workflows and develop your sales teams

Make sales training engaging and fun

Drive winning behaviours and make training fun with our state-of-the-art sales gamification engine

Milestoned Learning Journeys

Create milestoned sales training programs filled with points, quizzes, badges, and certificates

Real-Time Leaderboards

Increase competitive spirit and drive productivity with personalised real-time leaderboards

Gamify CRM Data

Gamify external data - quota attainment, no. of productive calls, and more to drive desired sales behaviours

Integrated Instant Redemptions

Convert earned points into rewards at the touch of a button

Advanced Analytics

Get granular visibility into the impact of your sales training and make informed, data-driven decisions

40+ Pre-defined Metrics

Pre-built dashboards covering user engagement, content effectiveness, salesperson proficiency, organizational knowledge gaps, dynamic competency matrix, and more

Build Custom Dashboards

Create custom dashboards with your sales readiness data lake on a need-to-know basis

Unprecedented Speed

Visualize your key metrics or drill down to desired levels of granularity at breakneck speed

Report Scheduling

Schedule your analysis and reports distribution along sales management hierarchies with the right aggregations

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Onboarding is a methodical process designed to connect, engage and train new sellers in the organization. It should cover all the essential learning and skills needed for the salesperson to do their job productively.
By having a well planned process, sellers will be effective in their job faster. It will speed up the time to 1st sale and improves seller’s fulfillment and motivation to the job and reduces seller churn.

A well thought program would include following steps:

Foundational training where the focus is on company, culture, customer, product,  and Sales process training. Critical success factors include consistent tests of understanding using knowledge checks, quizzes. Best practices include starting the training on day 1, chunking training into smaller bites, having a mix of Instructor led training and always on learning. A foundational training can range between a week to 30 days.


Practice Training: This phase is where Sales Rep gets introduced to the field. They are practicing sales presentations and demos. They shadow senior sales reps to understand customer engagements.Video role plays, and coaching are critical here. A best practice is regular knowledge checks to ensure foundational training is not forgotten. The practice training can last upto 30 days.


Finale of Onboarding: Live sales calls with reverse shadowing. Senior sales reps and managers join the sales call/ demos and give constructive feedback. Tracking Prospecting process , funnel buildup , continuous reinforcement trainings and final assessment checks are critical at this stage to ensure that salesrep can achieve the 1st sale. Sales leaders having continuous visibility to the salesrep’s knowledge & sales activity performance  is a key success factor at this stage. The finale can last for 30 days.

In comparison to an initial sales bootcamp where the sales reps get trained extensively after which the sales team is asked to start their sales process, on the job sales training is methodology of incorporating sales onboarding , training and coaching in their flow of work as a sales rep from day 1 until day of 1st sale by the new sales rep. The benefits include enhanced sales readiness, improved sales metrics and retention.

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