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Streamz for Financial Services Sales Training

Build a team of sales officers and RMs your customers trust

Empower your teams to sell effectively and win customers with training that builds winning behaviors.

Solve Your Finance Sales Training Challenges

Do it the Streamz Way

From training and practice to data-driven insights, Streamz is a comprehensive sales readiness platform that will level up your finance sales training initiatives.

Always-On Microlearning

Deliver snackable content and regular assessments designed to expand, refresh, and reinforce specific skills and knowledge

Template-based content creation

Create bite-sized, micro-learning modules covering products pitches, customer segments, FAQs, competitive information and battlecards

Contextual Search

Enable your sales officers to access the most relevant learning content at lightning fast speed

Automated Knowledge Checks

Automate your assessments to monitor skills and knowledge levels of each salesperson

Personalised Learning Journeys

Identify sellers who are not cross-selling / upselling and enable hyper-individualised learning journeys to mitigate knowledge gaps


Scale financial training programs that are relevant and personalized for each sales officer

Automated Learning Tasks

Deliver automated learning tasks to each salesperson based on predefined conditions - roles, context, cohorts

Content Recommendations

AI-led content recommendations based on skills gaps to ensure your reps are always up-to-date and following compliance & regulatory requirements

Notifications & Nudges

Smart nudges to your salespeople to remain on track - complete a course, assessment or activity

Know Your Skill Levels

Arm your sales people with the tools that help them know their knowledge and expertise in real time and how they can improve

Dynamic Competency Matrix

What skills, knowledge, or behaviours are impacting the leading and lagging success indicators of your sales teams? See the direct impact your finance sales training is having on your team’s growth.

Identify gaps

View competency gaps across teams, roles, individual reps and see how they are impacting performance

View progress in real-time

Let users see their own skill competencies and gaps to drive self improvement

Map competencies to outcomes

Pull the right data from CRMs, sales automation and performance management tools and align each metric to desired skills and behaviours

Map roles to competencies automatically

Automatically generate a competency-role map of the organization based on learning activities assigned to users

Roleplays & Video Pitches

Ensure your sales officers and Relationship Managers are compliant and always on-brand with AI-guided roleplays

Schedule Pitches

Schedule video pitching activities for the sales officers that really need it

Manager Feedback

Give your feedback to your sales teams withing seconds with Streamz Manager Action Centre

3rd Party Reviewers

Collaborate with 3rd party reviewers to provide expert feedback and ensure your sles officer are always brand-consistent

Remediation Workflows

Use Manager Action centre to set up remdidiation workflows and develop your sales teams

Gamification & Rewards

Drive winning behaviours and make training fun with our state-of-the-art sales gamification engine

Milestoned Learning Journeys

Create milestoned finance sales training programs filled with points, quizzes, badges, and certificates

Real Time Leaderboards

Increase competitive spirit and drive productivity with personalised real-time leaderboards

Gamify CRM Data

Gamify external data - quota attainment, no. of productive calls, and more to drive desired sales behaviours

Integrated Instant Redemptions

Convert earned points into rewards at the touch of a button

AI-guided Manager Advisor

Empower your frontline sales managers to develop their teams on-the-go with actionable coaching insights.

Identify team performance

Complete drill down and comparative view of sales team to id the challenge areas

Coachable insights for each sales rep

Data driven assessment of each sales reps learning journey , knowledge levels and gaps

Set up remediation workflows

Send instant personalized notifications and schedule 1-1 coaching sessions for individual sales rep actions

Advanced Analytics

Get granular visibility into the multiple facets of your finance sales training and make informed, data-driven decisions

40+ Pre-defined Metrics

Pre-built dashboards covering user engagement, content effectiveness, salesperson proficiency, organizational knowledge gaps, and more

Build Custom Dashboards

Create custom dashboards with your sales readiness data lake on a need-to-know basis

Unprecedented Speed

Visualize your key metrics or drill down to desired levels of granularity at breakneck speed

Report Scheduling

Schedule your analysis and reports distribution along sales management hierarchies with the right aggregations

The Pocket Coach For Sales Teams that are On-the-go

The banking sales landscape is highly competitive and regulated, with banks constantly seeking to innovate and differentiate themselves in order to win customers and grow their market share. Banks use a range of sales channels to promote their products, and sales staff are incentivized to meet sales targets while adhering to ethical sales practices.

The banking sales landscape is highly competitive and regulated, with banks constantly seeking to innovate and differentiate themselves in order to win customers and grow their market share. Banks use a range of sales channels to promote their products, and sales staff are incentivized to meet sales targets while adhering to ethical sales practices.

The Streamz platform helps Relationship Managers, and Sales Officers:

  • Receive banking sales training and learn about products at their fingertips, on-the-go
  • Understand and help solve customer queries effectively
  • Practice product pitch and objection handling skills through scenario-based video pitches
  • Cross-sell and up-sell products by identifying customer needs
  • Stay up-to-date and compliant on latest regulatory developments

The Streamz platform helps Loan Officers, ROs, RMs, and sales reps:
  • Continuously learn about products, and new launches, including critical features, benefits, and pricing
  • Improve Customer Discovery skills – learn how to probe and understand customer requirements to reduce mis selling and improve FTR
  • Share collateral and information directly with prospects through messaging apps in real-time
  • Handle objections from customers with highly optimized quick access battle cards
  • Improve productivity with structured, personalized onboarding thereby reducing infant attrition

Why Streamz

Seamless Integrations

Connect, integrate and use Streamz with your existing systems, saving you time and hassle.

Fast TTM

Record go-live time with our purpose-built platform, comprehensive gamification engine, and library of content and assessment templates.


We protect your user’s sensitive information and have implemented robust security measures to ensure protection of their data.

Dedicated Customer Support

Have access to the help you need, whenever you need it with our 24/7 dedicated customer support.