Sales Gamification- Transforming sales behaviours that drive results

Sales Gamification: Transforming sales behaviours that drive results

Create an immersive world of sales contests, activities, and leaderboards with our pre-baked gamification hooks and transform sales behaviours.

What’s in it for you?

Built to drive sales performance, the Streamz Sales Gamification platform enables you to:

Reduce the time to gamify learning behaviours

Design innovative gamified sales contests

Motivate sales teams with personalised leaderboards, badges, points, and instant rewards

Combine learning with external sales metrics from your CRM

Implement gamification of learning hands-free, error-free

Monitor and improve the gamification program parameters in real-time

Empower your teams to achieve goals with training that is fun

Roll Out Sales Contests Within Minutes

Create and run daily, weekly, or monthly, gamification programs that focus on leading indicators based on roles, teams, and countries.

Promote winning behaviours with competition

Streamz offers an engaging sales gamification experience that aligns with your sales goals and ensures your reps strive for more.

Boost Engagement and Hit KPIs Consistently

Wouldn’t it be great if sales professionals could be automatically reminded to perform tasks? Streamz’ state-of-the-art sales gamification software lets you do exactly that!

Celebrate wins and drive sales behaviours with instant gratification

Imbibe a culture of loyalty, participation, and high performance by rewarding your reps in real-time with Streamz sales gamification platform.

Real-time insights into what drives sales effectiveness

Measure the impact of sales contests with up-to-date, quantifiable metrics.

What is the Streamz Gamification
Rules Engine

Deploy complex sales gamification programs without writing a single line of code! Streamz sales gamification platform offers a comprehensive rules engine that takes care of all the hard stuff like awarding and tracking scores, rewarding sales behaviours, maintaining real-time leaderboards and ensures seamless gamification of learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales gamification is the process of applying game like elements (contests, leaderboards, badges etc) to sales activities with an objective to drive the right sales behaviours andcomplete various sales tasks/activities. Completing tasks comes with rewards and recognition which motivates the sales rep to exceed sales goals.

Sales Gamification works on human psychology of motivating people through rewards and recognition to display positive learning behaviour. The aim of Implementing gamification for sales is to energize learning and nudge learners towards the completion of their goals. There are a few things you need to remember while carrying out gamification of learning:

  1. Successful contests play on emotions. Make the sales reps believe he can improve and win. 
  2. Set clear objectives of the sales contests. These need to align with the sales behaviours essential to continuous wins. 
  3. Provide visibility into contest’s rules, user’s progression, awards, and leaderboards
  4. Set up multiple winnable milestones and make sure to reward your sales reps.

Here is an example of gamification of learning. 

Let’s say you have a new product launch coming up and you want to test the sales readiness of your teams at scale. You can simple use a sales gamification platform to set up a month-long weekly sales contest. Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. Build a metric that tracks knowledge levels based on the user’s response to questions about the product in question. You can also add questions about sales skills, competition and more. 
  2. Award points based on multiple criterias. For instance, all sales reps who complete the training get 100 points, sales reps who participate in the weekly sales quiz and score >70 get 50 points, and sales rep who participate in the weekly quiz and score 100 get 100 points
  3. Send regular updates about weekly winners and top leaderboard scorers. This will motivate other reps to participate more.
  4. All sales reps who have collected over 300 points can be given a ‘Product Expert Badge’ and the top winner gets the ‘Product Guru Badge’.

The points can be converted to monetary rewards if budgets are available

Such a contest can ensure the majority of the sales reps focus on the new product learning and improve their selling skills.

Creating gamification programs, contests requires a complex set of actions:

  1. Defining the rules of the program based on the objectives.
  2. Distributing the program rules, communicating personalized progress to individuals to drive improvements
  3. Designing and awarding badges to selected individuals
  4. Creating and distributing leaderboards to communicate standings to enable competitive and winning behaviour in real-time
  5. Integrating a rewards activity for instant gratification

A sales gamification platform allows sales leaders to create such programs with complex rules. It enables them to automate the creation, delivery, measurement and distribution of the various gamification elements- points, leaderboards, badges on completion of tasks, and points redemption. The platform removes manual actions, reduces errors, improves efficiency and helps sales leaders to focus on the sales challenges.

Leveraging Gamification Elements in Your Sales Training

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