Free Live Webinar | Scaling Sales Readiness for The Modern Buyer Requirements

August 20, 2021

Roll Out, Scale and Measure the Success of Your Sales Readiness Program

News Summary: This January StreamzAI is hosting a webinar on Scaling Sales readiness with invited industry leaders from Forrester, AWS and Castrol. Join this complimentary live webinar to gain insights and knowledge on how companies can scale sales readiness and increase ROI.

StreamzAI has invited Forrester to speak at their complimentary live webinar (also available on-demand) where keynote speaker and Principal Analyst Mary Shea PhD will share key themes from recent research on seller competencies and share her insights on the importance of scaling sales readiness programs and framing them from an ROI perspective. StreamzAI will later be joined by their panellists- Sumeet Wadhwa – Global EV & Growth Unit Director at Castrol, Harley Young – Head of Partner Solutions Architecture at AWS, and Kushal Bhomick- Chief Revenue Officer of StreamzAI, for a roundtable discussion on Scaling Sales Readiness and challenges to overcome.

When: Thursday, January 28, 2021 | 7 PM SGT | 4.30 PM IST | 12.30 PM CET

Those who are interested can register for the webinar by clicking the link: https://streamz.aiwebinar-scaling-sales-readiness/

“The way people are buying products has changed drastically over the last two years,” said Jawahar Kanjilal CEO and co-founder of StreamzAI. “Buyers are well informed about your product; hence,  sales reps these days need to be expert advisers about the products and industry to engage your buyers in value-adding conversations. This is only possible by having a framework for your sales readiness program that focuses on developing and sharpening the sales reps’ skills to prepare them to confidently drive sales.”

In the webinar, Thought Leaders and Industry Practitioners will talk about how companies can successfully roll out initiatives that are accommodating of all sellers within and outside the organization, the challenges to overcome in scaling these sales readiness initiatives and the metrics to measure the outcomes of a sales enablement program.

About StreamzAI:  StreamzAI is an AI-based Mobile Sales Readiness platform that empowers companies to build and maintain a highly prepared, engaged and differentiated sales team. We have successfully enabled various Fortune 1000 companies to scale out their sales readiness programs across multiple countries consistently and measurably.

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