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An innovative way to plan for your next sales knowledge checks

[Singapore, 09/09/2021]:  Streamz today announced the launch of their new product capability – Automated Knowledge Checks, an intelligent way to remind, reinforce, and review the knowledge & skill levels of each salesperson.

This latest feature offers a new, faster way for sales enablement managers, trainers and sales leaders to reinforce learning amongst distributed sales teams, frontline sales teams, channel partners, agents, and in-store promoters.

The AI-powered Automated Knowledge Checks scale personalised interventions to every salesperson, a timeless challenge for sales enablement managers responsible for widely dispersed teams of even a few hundred salespeople. 

The system delivers quizzes at a defined periodicity with a set of questions personalised for every individual. It factors in the reps’ existing knowledge levels, probability of knowledge decay, and the company’s priorities while creating these assessments. Every salesperson gets visibility of their knowledge gaps on their Streamz app while detailed analytics are generated for their field managers, sales enablement managers, and leadership centrally. Following the checks, every salesperson receives content recommendations addressing their knowledge gaps. Depending on their activity levels, the system automatically nudges them with personalised, context-aware notifications, gently encouraging them towards completion.  

“Our pilots have shown that salespersons enjoy responding to the game-like, interactive set of questions to get to know their knowledge scores and receiving the recommendations for their self-improvement,” says N K Chari, CMO at Streamz. “With our experience of training over 200K sales reps, we have created an ebook- ‘Conducting Successful Knowledge Checks’ that lays out a step-by-step workflow and best practices for Knowledge Checks.”

“With Automated Knowledge Checks, we empower companies to scale their enablement programs addressing each individual, enhance engagement, delight and outcome,” says Jawahar Kanjilal, CEO at Streamz. “With Streamz, we are on a mission to transform the way companies invest in every ‘salesperson’, by building the world’s most scalable and intelligent sales readiness platform.” 

The Streamz Automated Knowledge Checks is highly versatile in its deployment. While national sales enablement managers can deploy it across a few hundred salespeople in a country, global enterprises can easily scale it across a wider footprint, often spanning continents with country-specific localisations. Enterprise sales performance management systems, like CRM, can be connected to the Streamz platform. This helps correlate knowledge levels to actual sales performance, helping enterprises build actionable insights for predictively driving sales productivity and revenues. Automated Knowledge Checks are available now. For more information on the product, download the ebook here-

About Streamz: Streamz is an AI-based sales enablement and readiness platform that enterprises deploy to keep their widely distributed sales teams and channels partners always sales-ready. Its ‘Always-on Sales Readiness Framework’ helps sales enablement managers scale their programs, and upskill and improve sales behaviours of their teams.