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About US

We passionately believe that the right information made available at the right time to the right person can have a transformational life-changing impact. Armed with deep insights from creating and scaling the Nokia Life Tools service to more than 125 million users worldwide, the founders set off on their entrepreneurial journey in Singapore and India with TeamStreamz in 2015. 

We saw the problem of asynchronous information flows everywhere. There was a large opportunity to help enterprises, especially with widely dispersed teams, who found it extremely challenging to induct, train and keep everyone focused and productive throughout their lifetime. That is the genesis of our Streamz Sales Readiness platform.

All enterprises, big or small, are drivers of economic growth. Enabling them with visibility to their frontline and control of their messages gives them the power to influence better multi-dimensional outcomes. The individuals involved are more productive and improve their incomes, while the enterprise too is more confident of achieving its business goals.

With Streamz,  we are on a mission to transform the way companies invest in every ‘person’, by building the world’s most engaging, impactful and scalable sales readiness platform. 

After all, confidence matters in all walks of life!

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