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Here’s how you can make your sales and product training effective

Enterprises spend over 370B$ on workplace learning and product training. Out of this, the US alone spends over $2300 per salesperson annually. New product training is a constant endeavour of product marketing teams. Additionally, sales training organizations are constantly debating … Read More

An innovative way to plan for your next sales knowledge checks

[Singapore, 09/09/2021]:  Streamz today announced the launch of their new product capability – Automated Knowledge Checks, an intelligent way to remind, reinforce, and review the knowledge & skill levels of each salesperson. This latest feature offers a new, faster way … Read More

Is your sales rep ready?

In this blog, Streamz CMO discusses the importance of continuously measuring, testing, and assessing sales teams to keep them up-to-date on important info and always sales ready … Read More

How can you enable your sales team to learn?

“Average human mind forgets 40% of any new information within 24 hours of learning them” “Sales trainees attending lecture or curriculum-based training programs forget 80% of the imparted knowledge – in just 90 days.” Isn’t this alarming for traditional sales … Read More

How do you improve Retail Sales Performance?

The three steps to improve Retail Sales Performance aka improving your brand’s mindshare at the retail salesperson a.  Enable the retail salesperson to be part of your brand’s community b.  Focus on continuous knowledge and skills improvement c.  Ensure rewards … Read More

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