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Leveraging Gamification in Your Sales Training

Leveraging Gamification Elements in Your Sales Training

Regular sales training can become mundane very quickly. It is found that digital platforms suffer low completion rates of 10-15%. Gamification has recently become popular amongst sales leaders for improving employee performance and reinforcing behaviours. Your sales reps should be … Read More

The Importance of Scaling Sales Readiness

In today’s digital world, the need of buyers is evolving. In a recent webinar held by Streamz about scaling Sales Readiness, Mary Shea from Forrester talked about how buyers want to connect more authentically with the product.  So, what makes … Read More

How does Sales Readiness Differ from Sales Enablement?

The sales landscape has undergone a major digital transformation in a span of just one year. Decision cycles are longer and more intricate. There’s a ubiquitous influence of the internet on buyer’s decisions as they’re informed now more than ever. … Read More

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