Automated Knowledge Checks

Reinforce Learning for Unparalleled Sales Enablement and Readiness

Discover how our latest feature, Automated Knowledge Checks intelligently ensures knowledge retention and helps your sales teams learn better.
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Knowledge Checks
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Reps forget 90% of what they learn in training within the first 3 months

Knowledge Checks aims to ensure sustained learning and skill development.

What are Automated Knowledge Checks?

Knowledge Checks are a key tool for Sales Enablement Managers and Sales Trainers to assess and plug knowledge gaps in their sales champions. They can now create assessments within minutes and drive up to 70% faster time to productivity in new salespeople and up to 10% more quota attainment across the company.

That’s not all. Sales Enablement Managers and Trainers can now schedule Automated Knowledge Checks within minutes to create differentiated, always ready, sales teams.

Testing Sales Readiness Made Easy

Craft personalised assessments and reinforce learning within minutes for every seller.

Drive Efficiency with Sales Analytics

Actionable sales readiness insights to help sellers close deals faster and focus on the right channel

Find and Bridge Knowledge Gaps

Empower sellers with contextual content recommendations to bridge knowledge gaps

Engage Your Sales Teams Effectively

Elevate sales performance with increased participation and hyper-personalisation

Build Interactive Assessments​

Sales Enablement Managers can now save time and effort and create personalised, engaging assessments. Leverage our dynamic templates, timers, audio/video formats and nudges to engross your sales teams.

Out-of-the-Box Analytics

Arm your go-to-market teams with insights into their performances. Get a view of individual readiness scores, check knowledge levels for each topic, and measure effectiveness of questions and assessments on knowledge levels.

Eliminate Knowledge Gaps

Personalisation is the key. With Knowledge Checks you can deliver personalized questions to each salesperson based on user response history, knowledge levels, and business priorities. Further reinforce learning with hints, explanations, and intuitive content recommendations.

Increase Participation

Drive rep productivity and participation with personalized follow-up nudges and due date reminders. Sales Trainers also receive up-to-date participation and completion information. You can award rewards, points, and badges or share leaderboards to drive higher completion rates.

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Reps forget 90% of what they learn in training within the first 3 months

Knowledge Checks aims to ensure sustained learning and skill development.

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